Ancelotti – Of course Chelsea can still win the title!

Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti still thinks his club has a chance of winning the league. He himself was on the wrong end of an unlikely turn around when he was in charge of Juventus in 2000 and he was overtaken by Lazio despite having a nine point advantage eight games from the end.

He told ESPN: “I lost a title nine points up with eight games to go. It can happen. It’s not a nice feeling. It was very difficult to think two months ago that we could stay with the lead so for this reason, at this moment, we are happy”.

Chelsea were 15 points behind Manchester United at one stage this season but have closed the gap to just six point after leaving behind their poor mid-season form. Manchester United still face Chelsea and Arsenal giving the Blues a slim chance of winning the Premiership.

This year’s Premiership title could even be decided on goal difference, Chelsea are currently on 37 and United on 39. With that in mind Ancelotti will be glad that Fernando Torres scored his first goal for the club against West Ham. The Italian manager will hope the Spaniard can add a few more to help both Chelsea’s goal difference as well as add to their points tally.

But before then Chelsea will also face Tottenham who are desperate to qualify for the Champions League, showing their spirit when they earned a draw against Arsenal after being down 3-1 in the first half.

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