Ancelotti tells which players go where in the diamond formation, and why!

Carlo Ancelotti is still certain that his new diamond formation is the way forward, even though Reading seemed to have all the answers yesterday, and he thinks that Chelsea will develop their own personality when they come to terms with the system.

He tried to describe how the individual players will fit into the system. Regarding the team against Reading he said: “Anelka and Drogba can play together because they are great strikers; but they also have different qualities so they can play well alongside each other.

“Deco played in a defensive position, he worked hard but he played in a very difficult moment of the match because there was little space on the pitch and he found it difficult to play.”

Then he described where the other player’s could fit in: “Chelsea can play Lampard, Deco and also we can play Joe Cole, he has the quality to play behind the striker and maybe also Kalou.

“Lampard can play on the left and he can play offensive midfielder. I want to try this because I like games where he is in this position.

“The other players can play in the diamond in a different role, they can play up front or they can play behind the striker, so I want to play with the diamond.”

“The most important thing to win is the Premier League and the Champions League.

“To win these would be a success, but we also need to have an identity with the team and I think we are going the right way about doing this. In the last games I saw some very good ideas coming from the players.

“My patience is my biggest strength, although I also love football and I think this is the biggest point.

“I love the tactics, the play, and I love finding solutions and trying new solutions.

“But the most important thing is to have a team who play with a clear idea of how they need to play. So we prepare the training with this objective.”

Yes Carlo, they certainly do need to have a clear idea, but no matter how fancy the tactics are, and how well the players stick to them, they STILL need to put the ball in the back of the net!

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  1. Alfie says

    Zhirkov on the left, Essien on the right, Lampard on top, and Mikel at the bottom.

    Thats the best diamond IMO.

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