Ancelotti – We want to attack but control the game, It won't be easy!

The Chelsea coach Carlo Ancelotti aims to use the full quality of all his best players at Old Trafford today, and is looking to take control of the game from Man Utd, but also to attack as well!

“We want to play our football and our football is to attack,” Ancelotti said.

“Our aim is to keep control of the game but this is the most difficult game to do this because Manchester United want to do the same. They play at home and they will want to keep control of the game so this is a fight that can decide the match.

“In Italy the team that wins Serie A was not the team that scores more goals, it was the team that concede less, but here we are in England.

“I don’t consider myself an attacking coach, I am an Italian and the fortune of Italian football is defence. I like defence but most I like balance. I am a balance coach.

“Our aim in this game is to attack but the first thing is to maintain balance. I don’t like to concede from counter attack because that is the easiest way to score. If you attack badly you can concede like this.’

“Tactically they play very well and they don’t give away a lot of chances. They are very compact as a team and prefer to defend well, play with one striker and play counter attack which they are able to do because Nani, [Antonio] Valencia and [Ryan] Giggs are players with speed and technical quality.’

“Lampard can be a very dangerous midfielder. I know [Darren] Fletcher and [Michael] Carrick are fantastic midfielders but Lampard is difficult to block if you put someone man-to-man against him because he is a very dynamic player and his timing going into the box is very good. He is unique.

“We can use this quality but it is not enough to use only Lampard, we have other qualities and we want to use them.

“I try to put in the team the players with the most quality and Didier Drogba and Nicolas Anelka have a lot of quality and they have done very well together.

“The position of Anelka depends on his feeling about the game. He likes to move, sometimes in a left position, sometimes in a right one and sometimes behind. I never give him a precise position on the pitch. I want him to move how he wants to.

“Old Trafford is a fantastic stadium, for me also, not only for Alex Ferguson!”

Let’s hope it is still a happy stadium for Ancelotti around 2:30 this afternoon!

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