Arjen Robben booed by Munich fans over Chelsea penalty miss!

You have to feel a little bit sorry for Arjen Robben. Actually, Chelsea owe him big time. When he came to Stamford Bridge in 2004, despite a few injuries, he scored seven goals in just 18 league games as Chelsea won their first league title for 50 years. He was dynamite for the blues and was heavily involved the next season as the special one led the Blues to back to back league titles.

He ended his spell at Chelsea when Real Madrid paid us £25 million for him in the summer of 2007. This year he helped Chelsea again, missing the penalty in extra time that would have, probably, meant that Chelsea would be the Champion’s league bridesmaids yet again. Cheers Arjen.

The week after the final, Holland took on Bayern Munich in a friendly game at the Allianz arena in Munich. Robben was roundly booed by his own club’s fans and it provoked furious reaction from Robben’s international team mates. It was suggested that this would lead Robben to demand a move away from the club, but he has proved that he is made of stronger stuff.

“To be booed by your own fans is bizarre, and that is not easy. But that is football. Sometimes you are the villain, sometimes you are the hero. I am a strong person and I can deal with it.”

You have to take your hat off to the lad.

  1. Adewale says

    Confirm welcome to chelsea…

  2. Alampo says

    Hazard u r welcme to stamford brighe

  3. Not me says

    It’s a shame he is such a quality player. Munich would miss him if he left. He doesn’t deserve that sort of treatment.

  4. Moth says

    Despite his skills, Robben seems a selfish, difficult person. Managers and team-mates struggle to get along with him – not only has he recently fought with Ribery, but he has a history… it was said that Jose thought he was a disruptive influence at Chelsea before selling him. Fans respect his qualities but as was seen at that friendly, they don’t love him.

    Personally, if I were a Bayern fan, I’d be looking at the whole team’s failure in the CL final -interesting that they have no problems with any of the German players but not really surprising they’ve picked Robben out for blame. Don’t forget, he dodged a pen in the shootout too… not exactly heroic.

  5. Louis the skipper says

    Robben is a very good why the booem on him…if he leav munich they will mise him

  6. lucky says

    On a very good day, Robben is a good player and is just that luck was not on his side. If you watch the world cup final you will see that he has alot of chances to bury the game but missed it. Bayern Munich fans should be careful with him because if u lose such player is going to be a great loss, however, the team are to be blamed for all the play not only Robben.

  7. Agbo Oche Johnson says

    Despite the penalty missed by Robben, he should not be booed by his own fans. That is football for u, sometime u jubilate and sometime, u cry.

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