Bayern Munich finally give up on Bosingwa

The German giants Bayern Munich have been chasing the Chelsea defender Jose Bosingwa since the beginning of the summer, and even up until last week they seemed pretty sure that Chelsea would release him.

But yesterday Bayern coach Louis van Gaal told Kicker, “He [Bosingwa] won’t come”.

This always seemed a strange story to me. Why would Chelsea let Bosingwa go after just one successful season at Stamford Bridge?

There was never any response from either the player or the Chelsea management to the rumours, and i always thought it was just wishful thinking on Van Gaal’s part.

The only possible explanation i can think of is that Chelsea were stringing Munich along in the hope that they would be reasonable about selling Franck Ribery.

That didn’t happen, but does this announcement now mean that Chelsea’s pursuit of Ribery is also dead in the water?

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