Begovich upset with Stoke's "broken promises"

The Stoke goalkeeper Asmir Begovich is desperate to take advantage of Chelsea’s offer to be Peter Cech’s deputy, and says that he is very annoyed with the treatment he has received from Stoke since his arrival.

Bogovic’s agent, Will Sherling, said yesterday: “Asmir feels betrayed and let down by the club. He didn’t refuse to play against Shrewsbury and anyone who knows him knows he would never do that.

“On Tuesday morning, at meeting between himself and the manager it was agreed that due to an offer from Chelsea being under consideration, it was best if Carlo Nash played.

“In return for 100% commitment to the cause, all a player asks for is honesty and unfortunately, that’s been in short supply for Asmir over the last seven months.

“There have been a number of broken promises made to Asmir prior to and since he joined Stoke City. He turned down a great opportunity to be a number two at a fantastic club in Tottenham in January due to the promises made to him by Stoke.”

Surely Stoke will have to let him go, and their demand for £7m is just too far over the top……

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