Benitez blames referee for Chelsea dropping two points

The Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez certainly had an incident packed return to Anfield yesterday, and although everyone is talking about the disgusting behaviour of Luis Suarez, Benitez is wondering why on earth the referee kept playing after the 90 minutes to give Liverpool every chance to get an equalizer.

He was obviously asked about the Suarez incident after the game, but he clearly had another bee in his bonnet. He said: “I didn’t see anything, I was concentrating on the game and talking about football — we had the game nearly won. Why six minutes extra time? We don’t know. The rules are really clear… so six minutes and 45 seconds more is very difficult to understand.

“Having six minutes added on was a frustration, so to play 45 seconds further was another frustration.

“But I won’t speak to the referee. It will not change anything.”

Although Benitez didn’t want to discuss Luis Suarez, it is also a fact that if the Uruguayan had been sent off, he wouldn’t have even been on the pitch to score the equaliser for Liverpool!

All in all it was a crazy game, and it now means that Chelsea have a fight on their hands to remain in the Top Four after Tottenham managed to beat Manchester City to move within one point of us. A very very bad day for Chelsea and football.

  1. paul jesuyon says

    bbbuy good players

  2. Lucky says

    Benitez stop complaining because as a you are accusing the Ref of much added time why don’t you blame yourself for wrong substitutions again. why on earth should you remove your best players that is causing havoc while Torres was on the pitch doing nothing? Even a boy of 10yrs old will know that Torres was not in that game yesterday. We have loose, lets take it in good faith because it cannot be reversed. Hope you are not using style to drop us out of champions league if you do………hmmmmm…………you will smell fire.

  3. Tricosul says

    Rafa is just an idiot. What was Torres doing on d pitch for d whole game? I blame him for yesterday’s loss

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