Chelsea and Tottenham fighting over young African star

Reports are coming in that both Chelsea and Spurs are trying to entice the young Nigerian striker Sani ­Emmanuel to move to London next season. The 17 year-old was voted as the Player of the Tournament at the U17 World Cup last year, and is hotly tipped as a star of the future.

He currently plays for the My People club in Nigeria, but has had trials at both Tottenham and Chelsea recently, and Spurs have asked him to come back, but it depends on which club offers My People the best deal.

It seems that the Nigerian club are hoping to get more than just a transfer fee for the deal, and would like future training help and equipment from the cub that finally wins Emmanuel’s signature.

  1. JAFFA says

    As much as i want to see young talent at the club, im not sure its a wise move to sign another African. They disappear to play in the African Cup of Nations every New Year which is a vital time in the Premiership. We lose an important 30% of the team as it is!

  2. Christian patrick says

    A big plus to nigeria football. When last was a nigeria young star a hot player in the transfer market, you will note that Mikel was the last. He should move to Chelsea where if he work hard will test champions league football which is the highest stage of club football. Good luck sani emma.

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  3. Tiandan says

    I agree with Jaffa, why sign African talent? We don’t get any production from them anyway?

    It isn’t like our biggest scoring threat is from Africa or anything?

    Good god, are we that thick? If the kid is good, SIGN HIM

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