Chelsea have ruined Torres says Benayoun

Fernando Torres has not exactly been the player that Chelsea were hoping for when they signed him from Liverpool for a British record of £50 million in January 2011. It took him over 900 minutes on the pitch to score his first goal for Chelsea which was his only goal from 18 games in that campaign. He did a little better the next year, scoring 11 goals including the crucial late goal against Barcelona that sent us to the Champions league final. His figures have improved again this year, with 15 so far, but he has never rediscovered the sparkling form he showed at Liverpool and Athletico Madrid.

His team mate, who also played with him at Anfield, Yossi Benayoun, has spoken out about the situation. The Israeli international feels that Chelsea handled Torres badly from the beginning, and that has caused his lack of confidence and loss of form.

“You can understand it is not easy, from being the top striker at Liverpool. He was unbelievable, you gave him the ball and you knew he would score.

“But he had a bad time at the beginning at Chelsea. When he came in he was on the bench, then on the pitch.

“He did not get the confidence when he came in, and with the £50 million above his head it is not easy for any player. The situation from the beginning was badly managed with him.”

Unlike many Chelsea fans, Benayoun agrees with Abramovich, and believes that Torres still has a lot to offer Chelsea, and he thinks that the Spanish striker is already turning the corner.

“He has had good spells, bad spells, and has 15 or 16 goals already. That is not bad, but hopefully he will finish with 25.

“He just needs to believe in himself. It would be good to get his confidence back and be his old self. Hopefully he will get a few more soon and you will see the real Fernando Torres.”

We would all love to see him banging in the goals, but he seems to be unable to really snap out of whatever is bothering him.

  1. Chisom Molokwu says

    Benayou u are a mad man for saying this….FT9 was given opportunity and cfc sgave him all the support he needed as a striker even to the extent of not signing a new striker when DD and Kalou left the club..Yet FT9 is not improving…Is when Fifa allows him to score with his hand that he will perform better??? Well u Benayoun is leaving by summer..

  2. eblaz says

    Benayou I dnt knw wia 2 put u but since blues bought u wat av dey achieve frm u dat u ar sayin rubbish, I dnt blame u bench warmin is affectin u pls let dat guy tores
    leave Stanford bridge is a man full of badluck.

  3. eblaz says

    Look at badluck two benayou uv gone 2 2 clubs an yet dey cnt get u 4rm chelsea so u wunt b warmin our bench but dey stil send u bak so wu is 2 blame 4 ur own case is high tym blues knw pple 2 buy an nt pple wu com 2 chop monee without offerin anythin.

  4. chima menaxe oparaiheoma says

    The problem of torres should not be over flogged.torres is an excellent player. I think chelsea mid fielders are the cause of his goal drought. The mid fielder don’t always giv him pass to score, they kill strikers.they are all selfish….if torres should go to man u he will be exceptional again like vp.chelsea needs rejuvination and should play like a team……….not individual playing. Though torres lost form but he will surely regain it again.

  5. Lshunter says

    He “turned the corner” ages ago I think. No idea why they didnt done this earlier.

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