Chelsea rumours Aug 17th – Aguero and Maxi Rodriguez

With the first round of Premiership games to talk about, the papers don’t seem to have so many made-up stories about possible transfers, but it seems that The Daily Mail are refusing to give up on Sergio Aguero completely. At least if he plays for Atletico Madrid on Wednesday against Panathiniakos we will know for sure that he will not be moving to London.

The story goes that Chelsea are trying hard to get Atletico to budge from the £52m buy-out clause set in Aguero’s contract without success, either the full amount or nothing, according to the Mail, and a decision has to made before Wednesdays Champions League Qualifier.

The Mail also says that Chelsea are being linked to another Atletico player, Maxi Rodriguez, who is a winger, and they suggest that Ancelotti want either of these two to complete his perfect diamond formation.

The Mail even has a quote from yesterdays hero, Didier Drogba, which seems to indicate that another arrival is still possible.

He is quoted as saying: “The manager knows better than us what kind of player he wants to bring here for the system he is playing,”

“The squad is very strong. If there is a new player we will only get better.”

Having done a complete search on the web, i can’t find this quote from Drogba anywhere else, so unless he said it exclusively to the Mail (unlikely!), i am not sure whether to believe it.

Rodriguez is a 28 year-old Argentine international, and is known to be very versatile in midfield or attack, but the question remains; Why would Chelsea need to bring in another midfielder?

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