Chelsea to break the bank with Falcao bid

Reports suggest that Chelsea have opened talks with Radamel Falcao, with the striker said to be keen to join the current European champions, and an apparent bid breaking a minimum fee release clause in his contract, rumoured to be around £48m.

This will come as great news at a point in which Chelsea fans are finally starting to give up on Fernando Torres, whose 7 goals in 18 games as a sole striker are not seen as enough this season. and with Chelsea having dropped points in their past 3 Premier League fixtures not good enough. Torres has not scored in the League since the 4-1 win over Norwich at the start of last month.

The Columbian forward has scored 13 goals in his 10 appearances this season, including a hat-trick against Chelsea in the European Super Cup, to add to his 36 goals scored last season in his opening season in La Liga. He also notched up an impressive 72 goals in his only 2 seasons with Porto just before making his move to Madrid.

  1. yardley says

    please don t waste money mr.abhramovic try to get neyamar and bony if neyamar is not coming try to swap toress to athletico and get falcao it will save money and dont buy fellani try to get ISCO from malaga he is bit defensive and he is skilled attacking player try to get him please grant our wish mr abhramovic for christmas

  2. Richard says

    Seriously RDM get dis guy b4 is too late plzzzz.unstopable falcao wit hazard,mata and oscar.

  3. Sircarma says

    Please we need Falcao to prove to the whole world that chelsea is good we have wasted so much chances of scoring goals thereby causing us some good point from Torres, please Falcao is the solution followed by Williams

  4. Chukwu Success says

    Abramovich, RDM and chelsea officials should get this guys; Falcao, Willian, Fellaini this is the guys that will fit to add to chelsea squad they are awsome guys…..

  5. Samuel says

    Pls we need falcao plzzzz

  6. oladimeji olojede says

    i hope dat chelsea wil carry falcao in januasy bcoz strike is our problem nw

  7. starlon says

    please bring in falcao! Torres should go and rest is his name sounds rest!

  8. osharive says

    falcao is just all chelsea needs to win the champions league again and the premier league…wit hazard,mata,oscar and falcao…defenders wil have some sleepless night……lets just sign this guy

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