Chelsea transfer rumours May 16th – Kaka, Aguero, Torres, Modric and Ashley Cole

There is some serious Chelsea transfer news about today, and the Double winners (I love saying that!) are being linked with some of the most famous players in the world.

You can’t get much bigger than Kaka, who is an ex-World Player of the Year, and the second most expensive signing ever (behind his team-mate Ronaldo of course). For some reason, the News Of The World seems to think that Real Marid will be prepared to sell him after an on-and-off season, and will be rebuilding the team again after another trophyless year.

With Mourinho expected to take over at the Bernabeau in a few weeks time, Real Madrid will be looking to offload a few big names to give the “Special One” funds to buy his own targets (like Lampard!) And as Ancelotti has worked with Kaka for six fruitful years, it seems he has asked Abramovich to bankroll his “marquee signing” and the Russian oligarch has agreed! It certainly would be nice if it was true, but I’m wondering who the News of the World have got that is so close to Abramovich and Ancelotti to find out these things?

The Mail leads with the story that Chelsea are targetting both Fernando Torres and Luka Modric, and thinks that financially both Liverpool and Tottenham are likely to find it hard to resist any offers. JustChelsea has already listed the Five Reasons why Torres will join Chelsea, but I seriously can’t see Tottenham letting any of their players join their great rivals across London, no matter how much Chelsea offer them. @Arry will be rubbing his hands at the thought of the Champions League millions and won’t be letting any of his players go anywhere!

The NOTW also says that Chelsea are facing competition from Mourinho for Sergio Aguero, but I would imagine it to be extremely unlikely that Aguero would move across Madrid to Atletico’s great rivals, and the young Argentinian has already said that he prefers the Premier League to Inter Milan (even if Jose stays there). Aguero said a few weeks ago: “Chelsea are a great club. They have become one of the most feared in Europe over recent years,” he said.

“I look at players like Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard and they have been, and still are, the best players in their positions in the world.

“I could really learn from players like that, there is no doubt.”

“London would be a really amazing city to live in as well, myself and my wife could be really happy there,” he said.

“Carlos Tevez is doing really well at Manchester City but, for me, it is about joining a club who are ready to challenge for honours. City are not ready yet.”

“Inter are a great club, but it is agreed that, over the last five years, the Premier League has been the strongest,” he concluded.

I reckon that Aguero is much more likely to arrive than Kaka or Torres after that little speech!

The Express seems to think that the two Spanish giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona, are both going to be making a play for Ashley Cole this summer, but Ancelotti is hardly going to let the best left-back in the World go easily, especially as he was given a bumper new contract last year.

Ashley himself just said recently: It has been a long time and this is my first title at Chelsea and now people will realise why I came here,”

“I came here to win the big ones, the Premier League or the Champions League. Hopefully we can get the Double and make history for this club. I am happy and hopefully there is more to come.”

So it is very unlikely he will be leaving any time soon, but it is nice to see the big teams coveting our players for a change!

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  1. romulus says

    aguero is the must, offers penetration by dribbling and excellent alternative freekick taker; he will sell lots of t-shirts too;
    What about arshavin? why not try him, he looked a bit upset at arsenal; I would love to have robben again @ chelsea, would that be possible? who was to blame for his departure, maybe it can be mended;

    Torres – a class act, but not for chelsea;
    Kaka – not really, lost his edge; might be ok, but only after aguero, and other second player to join;
    Pato – why????

  2. RESAD says


  3. RESAD says


  4. john terry says

    very goooooooooooooooooooooood idea

  5. Jerry says

    I can’t wait to have Kun arrive Stanford Bridge, as well as Toress and posibly Modric.

  6. ChelseaThailand says

    Interesting. Kaka? I’d rather not, even if we wanted him real would NEVER let him go.

    Aguero-Interesting. But i wonder if Atletico will let him leave. he would be a great addition to our team.

    Torres-YES. although he’s injury prone. he’s one of the best strikers in the world. him and drogba will work like clockwork. but he wont come.

    Modric-Yeah k fine i dont give

    Ashley cole- DONTT GOOO

  7. neel says

    with kaka, aguero cant wait to see our team to crush all rivals ..

  8. Arul says

    Guys how can you ignore torres forget his injuries, this guys very pressence is enough to get the team going ……..and u r right chelsea thailand Ashley PLEASE DONT GO

  9. yogiraj kadam says

    i luv chelsea and iwill be happy if kaka or toress comes at bridge. aurero is also good.shwegisteinger is a clear german strikrr with a lot of tactics

  10. john says

    Torres would be a good signing but he is a big injury risk,If Chelsea would try a bid for Rooney,I think he would join after man utd doing so poor last year,Or even Abonlahor he is good and villa selling a lot this year,And as for kaka he is a good player but i think if they bought him they would lose lampard cause i could not see lampard and kaka playing along side each other,And overall lampard would be a better player.

  11. bamanga says

    i want chelsea to sign torres and aguero with kaka it will be a great addition to our team. torres will be a perfect replacement for drogba and kaka replacement for lampard

  12. bamanga says

    chelsea do it fast january is approaching

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