De Guzman prefers Valencia to Chelsea

The Feyenoord striker Jonathon De Guzman has stated that, despite interest from Chelsea, he would much rather move to Valencia in Spain, as he is more likely to get first-team opportunities.

“The chances I will get to play at Valencia are bigger than at Chelsea,” De Guzman said.

“And I don’t want to be directly loaned out to another club. I want to go to Valencia. I feel a transfer to Valencia is the right step in my career.

“But if the clubs won’t come to an agreement, I don’t have any problems with staying at Feyenoord. I am still very happy at this club.”

To be honest i thought that the rumours were a bit unlikely anyway, especially after Ancelotti clearly stated that there would be no ore arrivals this summer. Chelsea hardly need any players at the moment, maybe in January when the African Nation Cup comes around………..

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