Drogba – I will improve and have a great season

The Chelsea striker Didier Drogba may be 31, but he still looks to get even better in the season ahead.

He thinks he made some mistakes in the Community Shield against Man Utd and says that it is never too late to learn from your errors.

“I have a lot of friends in France at the moment who are without a team, without contracts, so I know how lucky I am to be here, and I want to enjoy it,” he explained.

“I have only been playing at a high level since I was 25 so, in my head, I still feel young. I don’t know how long I can continue playing but, for me, the most important thing is to enjoy being on the pitch.

“Maybe I do look happy now and that I know what I am doing – but I knew what I was doing, even last year. I knew what I was doing and I told you that and that is why I am here, with Chelsea.

“I am feeling good. I want to play and I am really happy to be on the pitch and to have my team-mates. I want to give people a good season.”

“Against United I lost a lot of balls, which is something I think is not normal. I need to reduce the amount of mistakes, losing the ball.

“You know there is always room to improve. I want to improve what I was doing before. I want to do it better and I want to avoid making mistakes.

“It is important to think like that, to be a perfectionist. The more you play big games the more you learn. I think it is never too late to learn from them.”

It’s great that he still feels like that, considering he has been at the top for so long. I think the longer the season goes on, the better he will get. If he could cut out a little of the play-acting concentrate on just getting the ball back, that would straightaway improve his game.

Come on Didier, earn everyone’s respect!

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