Frank Lampard left in limbo regarding Chelsea future

The Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard may be 34 years old but he sincerely believes that he can carry on playing for a few more years, and is hoping that Chelsea will give him a chance to carry on past this season, when his contract ends.

Lampard said: ‘We spoke once last season and it was a case of coming back – and it hasn’t come back from their end. I don’t know (what will happen).

‘At the minute I’m just playing. I’d like to sit down and speak with them. But at the minute I’m playing and it’s up to the club to do that.

‘I would like to end my career there. I feel I can play at the top level for a good few more years, but it’s whether the club feels the same.’

‘I know there are a lot of changes at Chelsea. I’d love to be involved, and the youth coming into the squad this year has really freshened up our team.

‘I’d love to carry on but it’s a club decision to come and sit down with me.

‘They used to sit down with me three years before the end of my contract. Now I’m waiting.’

We all know that Chelsea are trying hard to build a new young team at the Bridge, but even if Lampard doesn’t get picked very often, then surely its worth keeping him on as an inspiration to all the young players coming through into the team.

It’s a shame we couldn’t have kept Drogba too…..

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  1. omosh says

    has always been my best player but age is catching up with him,we can have him for two more seasons but the problem is that he doesnt want to be a sub, he talks too much when not in first eleven, i dnt knw why he cant emmulate giggs who knws how be on the bench until he finds his form? I`ll always bow before him for what he has done for us.

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