Guardiola is waiting for the Chelsea job

When Pep Guardiola announced that he wanted a break from football after managing Barcelona for four years, he was already the most successful coach in the club’s history. No wonder that Roman Abramovich tried to persuade him to cut short his sabbatical and oversee the new Chelsea revolution.

Of course, Di Matteo now has the job and a two year contract, but reports suggest that he might not be the manager for those two years. Guardiola has been approached by a number of big clubs, including Bayern Munich, but he has not spoken to any of them. Does he know something that we don’t? All the best betting sites have Chelsea favourites to be his next coaching job already.

“Five or six big clubs have asked about him but he doesn’t want to hear about it. Maybe things will be different in February or March.” His agent has stated.

In fact, the only person he has spoken to is Roman Abramovich. Barcelona are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and if he said he needed a break, then he needed a break. He would not be trying to get out of a contract to join a bigger club because there aren’t any.

He does, however want to try his hand in England. The new deal for TV rights in the Premier league is set to make English clubs the richest in the world. Guardiola could oversee Chelsea for years to come and make them the best team the world has ever seen.

In a years time, we could be seeing Guardiola’s first signing, Lionel Messi.

  1. Jack says

    Just 1 thing: piss off! We don’t need you any more.

  2. Daniel anumaka says

    Ples ruman shud go and buy Guardiola for nest season

  3. Afolabi segun says

    4get guadiola n let focus on dimateo.

  4. Excellent Austine says

    Pls Roman u people should focus on RDM i think he is the right man,base on his achievment this season

  5. jason says

    why guardiola ? the man could not beat Di mateo with the type of players barca had, Bayern could not, imagine Di mateo having the same players like pep had. the only reason he was able to make it was because of the players he inherited , Frank did the job for him period the man dont have any plan di mateo changed the way chelsea played if you understand tactical play Dimateo used kalou why? because kalou would provide support which is good in soccer and tactics.
    stop this silly pep issue

  6. Excellent Austine says

    Pls Roman u should focus on with RDM,i think he is the right man base on his achievement this season.

  7. Onorhiere sunday says

    Let forget about pep, and focus on hw we can sign hulk and dubuchy.

  8. Samson says

    Roman should pls, leave RDM on apermanent basis, coz i didn’t know what roman’s need again in signing pep, i’ll like CFC official to advice him, for him not to regret of signing pep, we are in need a striker that we replace our legend didier and a right full back to replace of bosingwa, he should please forget about pep.

  9. Etidohenry says

    Pls let leave this rumos so that Di matthewo will concentrate on the this job.

  10. Excellent Austine says

    What other all so called allrady made coaches fails 2 do, RDM did it so he is the one we are lookn 4.

  11. bosun says

    pep anyway i like him but let focus on di matteo still da rite man 2 do it…bless

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