Mourinho WILL come back to Chelsea says Gullit

The most successful period for Chelsea was also the most successful period for the manager at the time Jose Mourinho. The `special one` has also proclaimed those three-and-a-half years as his happiest time in football. The beautiful friendship could soon be rekindled, according to another former manager of the Blues Ruud Gullit.

The Dutchman thinks that Mourinho is set to take over from Benitez at the end of the season, and also that he was going to come back to Stamford Bridge last summer. The only thing that delayed his return was that Roberto Di Matteo guided us to Champions league glory.

“Rafa Benitez’s main objective this season is to qualify for the Champions league and then to make way for Jose Mourinho. I have a gut feeling that Mourinho will come back to Chelsea.

“I have a feeling that he was meant to come back after the Champions league final, but then when Chelsea won it I think he thought better of it. It’s no coincidence that right after the final he signed a new contract with Real Madrid.”

That would explain a few things. Mourinho has not really had his mind on the job with Madrid this season, and has spoken about returning to England, despite his new contract. He has fallen out with a lot of the Spanish media, not seeming to care if he ruins his relationship with them for the future. He has been spotted back in London on occasion, and it is no secret that Benitez is only an interim manager.

Of course, it is up to Roman Abramovich, but he has surely realised now that he should have kept hold of Jose before, and we have never been as good since he left.

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