Joe Cole – I'm happy at Chelsea, and my best is still to come!

The Chelsea midfielder Joe Cole is not worried that his new contract hasn’t been sorted out yet, but he insists that he is happy to be at Stamford Bridge and believes that his best is yet to come.

He said: “I’m happy at Chelsea — my main concern is just winning games.

“I can’t wait to see what happens with my contract talks, but I just need to keep on playing well.

“My best years are going to be my next four years. I don’t rely on pace — I keep myself fit and look after myself so these next few years will be my best.”

“During my injury there were those bad thoughts that cropped up, but now I am back and concentrating on playing well.

“It’s been too long without the league title and we’ve got the Cup Final too — winning them both would be ­perfect.”

It certainly would Joey, it certainly would!

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