John Terry determined to win Champions League

The Chelsea captain John Terry can never forget the moment in Moscow when he slipped whilst taking the final penalty that could have brought the Champions League trophy to Stamford Bridge, and he is determined to make up for that slip by winning it as soon as possible.

Chelsea have already top of the group and just one more win would wrap it up until next years knockout rounds, and Terry wants it laid to bed as quickly as possible.

“It would be very good to qualify early with the games coming thick and fast in the league,” he added.

“With not only us but other sides picking up injuries it will be nice if we can get the job done early on and maybe we can then rest a few players.

“We have come so close to winning the Champions League.

“We have had our bad luck and our unfortunate games but I think we have the squad to do it this year and we won’t rest on our laurels until we do win the trophy for the club.”

It could just be this year John if Chelsea can carry on playing like this…….

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