John Terry – This would be the best title win ever!

Chelsea captain John Terry has said that they will never give up on the possibility of overtaking Manchester United at the top of the Premier League. Chelsea are just three points behind United after their win over Tottenham and Man United’s defeat against Arsenal.

At one point Chelsea were 18 points behind the league leaders but they put their bad patch of results behind them to storm into contention once again.

Terry said what an achievement it would be to win the Premier League: “It would certainly be up there with winning the Premier League for the first time in 50 years, one hundred per cent”.

He continued: “There have been times in the season when we were running away with it, and Manchester United have been 18 points clear of Chelsea at one point, and with a side like them you don’t expect to get them down to three points”.

Terry said Chelsea would keep fighting until the end to win the Premiership. He said: “We’ll never give up. That’s one thing that has made us the club we are in the last six or seven years”.

If Chelsea beat Manchester United in their next game it will see the Blues go top of the league with only two games left in the season.

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