Keown: Chelsea need to win ugly

Keown said in his newspaper column: ‘Chelsea must stand up and be counted for Rafa or their season is over.

‘The mess at Chelsea stands out to me. They haven’t won for six games, the players seem to be feeling sorry for themselves.

‘They need new leaders to stand up and stop hiding. They have to forget about the noise from the fans, or else their season will be over.’

He went on to say that champions have to win ugly sometimes, adding: ‘Manchester United are winning ugly. They have 16 wins this season and 11 have been by one goal.

‘Sir Alex is top and they haven’t really got going yet! It’s ominous for the rest. It looks like only two teams are in this title race, both from Manchester.’

This news will not be welcomed by Chelsea fans, but our football in recent weeks has fuelled us with little argument. I agree that champions have to win ugly, and if Benitez does get a win any time soon, I am 100% sure it will be ugly…

  1. Isaac mary says

    I dont really know wot is wrong wit chelsea this days.They play to make fans sick. Now RDM will be happy that he dosnt have any fault bcos after he was sacked chelsea av played two matches witout won , they only draw for one point so there is no need for RAM to put blame on any body. Chelsea is not as good as before.

  2. Hahaha says

    Rafa will be sacked if he draws 5 games hahaha . He will only scatter Chelsea all because of the curse in Chelsea”TORRES”.

  3. Memory says

    Roman is the genesis and the revelation of the problem at chelsea bcos he can never b patient…. We shall soon leave to clap alone in his stadim…

  4. Alexander says

    Common what were you all waiting? The man (RAFA) has just come a week ago, he had no time. What are you waiting from the team the front line has a totally new look. No central forward for the moment. Only ambitions…of highly rated players. Nothing was wrong in the Fulham game team was pushing but the misunderstanding still was between players that is why the play was not so fast and Torres again was just occupying place. But I am sure it is a must for all coaches to play Torres (from Abramovich), more over we do not have any proven goalscorers that is why lack of cenral forward is so obviuos.

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