Liverpool’s Goalkeeper Attacks Chelsea For Destroying Torres

According to Liverpool’s goalkeeper Pepe Reina, who was Torres’ teammate until the striker left the Kops, seems to think that the problem with Fernando’s lack of goals was not his form but the club which did not treat him right. Until recently Torres couldn’t score with a King and an Ace at blackjack, but Reina thinks it is the clubs fault.

Reina has accused former Chelsea manager Andre Villas-Boas for not backing Torres up, and seems to think that it was the Portugues’ fault that Torres stopped scoring at the Bridge.

“I don’t think Chelsea, as a club, delivered for him – the pressure was there, but I don’t think it was only down to Fernando,” Reina said.

“The difference between Fernando and myself is I have had the confidence of the people at my club all the time.
“I don’t think that has been the case for him at Chelsea.

“It is much easier to get over mistakes when you know you have the confidence of your manager and your team-mates. With Andre Villas-Boas especially, I don’t think Fernando felt that.”

All in all, the Spanish striker seems to be back in form and the timing couldn’t have been better. The Blues are facing a tough season end, a cup final against Liverpool and the all-important Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Furthermore, the striker is also going to be a part of Spain’s first team at this summer’s EURO, and with Villa completely out of form after spending a long time on the sidelines, the Spaniards are pretty much relying on him and Llorente to do the job.

Do you think that Torres will manage to deliver?

  1. w0nderman says

    Lol Omg Reina or what’s his name needs to shut up really he has to view his club what crap is it right now and actually what fail goalkeeper is he.And by the way what did they have done to Andy carrol then,because he hasn’t score since….hmmm i don’t remember.

  2. Idowu says

    Reina is a bad guy torres have lost is form for liverpool and chelsea buy him with injury and 50m presure is on him for me it chelsea fult that paid that amount of money the player creat so many chance for him but he cant score i dont acept what reina said. reina is a big lier

  3. Ibrahim says

    Torres is going to become the world best and will prove himself today.The blues!!!

  4. Luka says

    Under AVB his confidence was low and it showed in every single game he played under him! AVB had no confidence in him…. However under RDM you can see the diference!! He is certainly getting more support from the team on and off the pitch!

  5. sandra . says

    wht is Reina talking abt?…Toress prob is 4rm Liverpool,u guys esp Kenny Daglish culdnt let him leave in peace..must he play 4 liverpool 4eva?…thnk God u guys jinx hv finally end..God hs taken over,he wil grow more stronger nd dangerous in attack.

  6. sandra . says

    wht u said u arant nonsence..aint u guys esp Kenny Daglish..who wuldnt let him go 2 his desired club in peace?..u causd him pains nd dt affected him…bt thnk God ur jinx hs finally b broken…he wil continue 2 b stronger nd deadly in attack.

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