Man City to offer £50m for Terry – and £1m a month wages!

This is getting ridiculous now! The Daily Mail is reporting even more unbelievable figures every day! Read this fantasy “news”…..

Manchester City will make a sensational last-gasp bid to sign John Terry by offering the Chelsea captain £1million a month in wages.

Chelsea are growing in confidence that they can strike a deal to keep their talismanic central defender, but Mark Hughes has been told by City’s owners to land the England captain ‘no matter what it costs’. They would even be prepared to pay £50m to prise him from Chelsea. Hughes will make his incredible offer in the next 48 hours.

That will mean he will earn £250,000 a week! £50,000 a week more than Ronaldo! I’m sorry about the exclamation marks but i can’t see how else i can describe how completely and utterly this fantasy story has annoyed me.

There is no way on earth City would pay that much for John Terry. He is an extremely good player yes, but he is not Kaka, he is not Ronaldo, he is not Messi, he is a very competent defender, and NO defender in the world is worth the ridiculous sums that the Mail reckons City will pay, especially when he is approaching the end of his career.

Okay, lets assume that the owners of Man City and Mark Hughes are totally mad and will really pay that much. Then perhaps he will go, but i doubt it very, very much!

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