My heart goes out to Ramires – He earned a place in the Final

Ahead of the game against Bayern Munich, when everybody trembles with enthusiasm and pulls as hard as humanly possible to get in the best shape of their life and attempt to win the Champions League trophy, Chelsea’s Brazilian midfielder Ramires can do nothing but watch and weep.

The midfielder’s suspension has been rejected by UEFA, and the attempt to set a new rule which erases all suspensions for the final was also rejected, so Ramires, Meireles and Ivanovic are in a position in which no pro football player wants to be.

“I want to pass my energy to them to help them carry on,” he told the Daily Telegraph . “It’s going to be hard to watch the final but if it’s going to depend on my vibe, my positivity then we are going to win easily. I will be the biggest fan in the world.”

“Your heart is out on your hand, I cannot stand still. I feel so, so nervous. I will kick the chair, I will walk up and down.

“I can’t sit down for a minute. I feel out of my mind. There’s nothing I can do. But even though I feel so nervous and so agitated, the way I feel is also so positive. I want to help my team-mates out on the pitch.”

It seems that Ramires will have to cheer on his replacement from the stands if he wants to have a chance to celebrate the Champions League win, a title which would have certainly not have been even possible except for his extraordinary performances and the fantastic goal against Barcelona.

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