Pulis unhappy as Begovic tries to force Chelsea move

The Stoke City manager is very annoyed with his second string goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, as he refused to play for the Potters against Shrewsbury in the Carling Cup yesterday

Pulis definitely spat his dummy out, and said that the Stoke chairman Peter Coates was LESS likely to let Begovic go because of his no-show!

Pulis ranted after the game, saying: “He said this morning he did not want to play.

“I find that very disappointing. We pay his wages and he has a responsibility to the club. We have a lot of supporters who idolise this club and love it.

“We have a management team and people around who have been here a long time. They respect the club and like it as much as the supporters do. To do what he has done is totally disrespectful.

“Obviously people have been blowing in his ear. That goes on. I will have a chat with him tomorrow.”

Pulis was then asked if Begovic’s transfer was now inevitable, and he replied: “With our chairman it is less likely. I do not think Peter will be pushed around.

“We won’t be giving him away and doing a deal because of what he has done. There has been interest from one or two clubs but nowhere near our valuation. We think he is a good goalkeeper and we want good players.”

Do Chelsea fans think that Begovic would be better than Hilario and Turnbull?

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