RDM finally admits "maybe I have to do some changes.”

Roberto Di Matteo has been answering questions this weekend, after Chelsea´s second league defeat of the season, on the subject of addressing the current slump in form, and on the possibility of making changes to the way the team are playing.

The manager admitted: “Absolutely it is a challenging time when you don’t win games and you need to instil confidence in players and to the team and that is going to be a tough job.”

He was then asked if Fernando Torres could be dropped, he replied “I think we will have to assess the whole team and see how everybody is, and how they have recovered.

“A lot of players have only come back from international duty yesterday or maybe Thursday afternoon from everywhere, from Europe and the rest of the world.

“We will assess them and see what the right selection is for Tuesday. But if I believe it is the right thing to do for the team, then yeah.

“I think as a team we have to be better defending, you don’t defend with one player, you defend with the whole team, like you want your whole team helping when you are attacking as well.

“It is a defensive organisation on the pitch that we need to look at and as I said maybe I have to do some changes.”

Torres needs to be dropped, not only because he´s playing awful, but to prove that RDM does pick the team himself, and we cannot afford to lose either of the two games this week, with a possible loss midweek putting us at risk of becoming the first holders of the Champions League not to get out of the group stages.

So do what is right and drop Torres, and get us back in the kind of form that has had defences running scared.

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  1. George Okeke says

    I agree with the manager, Premeaship is a tough league you can not win it with one patern or one eleven. If we get thing write from now , it is still ok. No need for panic button only a change of tactice that will confuse other managers and we will be wlnning again. On Torres, this is not the Torres we know anymore and I am not shure if he will ever be.

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