Should Chelsea have left Lukaku in Belgium last season?

Romelu Lukaku arrived at Chelsea last summer with a big reputation as a prolific goalscorer with Anderlecht at just 18 years of age, but since his arrival for a massive £18 million he has languished in the reserves.

With Drogba, Torres, Anelka and Stuuridge at the club last season, Lukaku was hardly going to get many chances and really he should have been left with Anderlecht for another season or perhaps should have been sent out on loan to another Premier League club, like Sturridge had been during the previous season.

Lukaku was upset most of the year, and he has revealed exactly how frustrated he was in a statement yesterday after his arrival at West Brom to start a season long loan. He said: ‘I decided in March I wanted to go out on loan, and told my agent to find me a club. I am relieved to have found a solution.

‘On the first day of pre-season I told the manager I wanted to leave.

‘Roberto Di Matteo told me I ought to think about Chelsea as there weren’t going to be many other strikers this season, but this is the time for me to think about myself.

‘I got sick of watching the others from the bench. I just played 12 games and when I was playing well, they would take me off.

‘I lost my hunger for the game over the past year. I won’t beat about the bush – my season at Chelsea went very badly.

‘As regards getting minutes on the pitch, I wasted my time.

‘Last season I was in the reserves alongside a young lad who’d barely turned 15 and I asked myself what I was doing there.’

Well as Chelsea fans we can only hope that he becomes a resounding success at West Brom this season and can be integrated into the Chelsea team next season, but if he doesn’t find his scoring boots very quickly it may mean that Chelsea have wased a large amount of money on a precocious big-headed youngster.

What do you think?

  1. kayode says

    That question is for villas boas. Ask him when u see him

  2. Chidi Peter says

    AVB should be the one to blame for signing him in the first place then decide to puch him to reserve side an £18 million man, AVB should be taking all this trach, he should have send him to another club or keep him in Belgium

  3. George Okeke says

    Lukaku is a very good buy for Chelsea but many of our fans will soon know. We will regret why send him out on loan.

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