Sunday rumour: Chelsea to sign Pato for £45m?

Despite a very clear message from Carlo Ancelotti that Chelsea will not be buying anyone else this season (not that he can be believed), the News of the World has come up with this crazy idea that Chelsea will pay AC Milan £45m for Pato, and let them keep him in Italy until next summer!

They even have some quotes from a Chelsea “insider” who said: “Ancelotti’s so keen to capture Pato that he will pay a club record fee and still allow the kid to stay at Milan for another season. That tells you how highly he values him.”

The source added: “The boy would come to Chelsea right now but Milan have just sold Kaka and do not want to lose another top star.

“That’s why this deal could make all the difference. Milan get their money up front and keep his services for one more season and have plenty of time to scout a replacement.

“Chelsea are hoping it is the perfect deal both for them and for Milan.”

It certainly sounds like Ancelotti is desperate to give some of Abramovich’s money to Milan. Having failed to pay them £30m for a 30 year-old, they are now looking at paying £45m for a teenager!

Has the world gone mad? Or is the NOW just very good at making up stories?

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