Sunderland v Man City extended highlights – Moneybags mugged by Bent!

Man City have soent well over £100m this summer (again!), but they are finding that they need more than money to guarantee a top four place in the new competitive Premiership.

Shiek Mansour saw his new playthings make mincemeat of Liverpool in midweek, but the found out the reality of life at the top with defeat at Sunderland. This leaves them five points behind Chelsea after just three games.

It wasn’t until the 90th minute that Sunderland got the decisive goal, but it was fully deserved when Micah Richards pushed Bent over in the penalty area.

Bent didn’t make it look easy but it was enough to give Man City their first defeat. Mancini must be a very worried man this morning!

Look out for Carlos Tevez missing an open goal in the first minute!

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