Terry's not leaving, no way!

John Terry is safely on the plane to America with the rest of the squad, which makes me believe that his silence has simply meant he was ignoring the upstarts for daring to suggest he would leave his beloved Chelsea.

Peter Kenyon may be leaving soon, but he said it all: “I don’t know what they’re offering but I’m confident John will remain with us.

“John is a talisman; he’s the heart of Chelsea. He came through the academy, he’s our captain and he’s also become captain of England whilst he’s been here.

“We’re very confident that John will be remaining here as captain of Chelsea. We’re not going to sell John so from that point of view it’s really irrelevant what another club will offer. He’s too important to us.”

Michael Ballack also said that he talked to Terry, and said that he wouldn’t leave for City: “I read it in the papers so I spoke with him. I thought, ‘it’s not true’ because everyone thinks he is a big part of Chelsea and he has been playing here for a long time so nobody can really imagine that he would change clubs.

“It’s football and everything can happen. But I am really confident that he will stay. I don’t want to talk too much about our conversation, but I have the feeling he will play for Chelsea next year.”

That’s good enough for me!

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