The Juan Mata interview on Chelsea FC

Juan Mata has given an interview to the French press, revealing all the ins and outs of his time so far at Stamford Bridge

Roman Abramovich

The owner is a very discreet person, very shy.

He’s not the type to come to the training ground in a helicopter.

I think he loves Chelsea, coming to the ground and knowing how the squad is getting on.

The first time he came and spoke to me, it was to congratulate me and that really touched me because I felt he was really sincere.

He was there during the Euro 2012 final. When I went to lift the trophy, I spotted him in the crowd.

On Terry and the other club legends

I’ve never spoken with John about all that off the pitch stuff, and I don’t even want to bring the subject up.

But obviously it got to him, having his whole life unwrapped in public.

You’re talking about a man who has no private life left and that is sad because the guy I see every day going flat out in training does not correspond to the image peddled in the Press.

If you need help with anything, John is always there. And even if he has made mistakes, does he have to be reminded of that all his life? Everyone makes mistakes.

All the players who come to Chelsea should look to John Terry and Frank Lampard as an example.

They grew with the club and allowed Chelsea to become part of history.

No other club has had a growth curve as great as Chelsea over the last few years and it’s thanks to players like John and Frank.

When you see a Terry or a Lampard giving everything they have despite all they’ve won here, you have to follow suit.

On Munich

Before we played the Champions League final in May, Roberto Di Matteo was content to say: “destiny has kept this cup for us. We just have to go out and get it.”

We all knew we had a unique opportunity to win the first Champions League in the club’s history.

I remember clearly the night before the final in Munich, I just could not sit still.

I tried everything to pass the time, talking with the other players, watching films, drinking camomile tea… but it was impossible to relax.

The only thing I wanted to do was go out on the pitch against Bayern and get stuck in.

So when the match finally started, I was like a man possessed. It was brilliant.

On food

The first thing Fernando Torres told me when I arrived in London was: “Eat some fish and chips, regret having done it and you will learn fast!”

And he was right, I didn’t like it.

People over here in England eat at all hours of the day.

If you walk down the street between 3pm and 5pm you never know if people are having their lunch or dinner.

At Chelsea, when you play in the early lunchtime game on a Saturday, we get up to eat sausages, bacon and beans.

I had a lot of trouble with that at the start. I said to myself: ‘How can we eat stuff like this for breakfast?’

But now I’m used to it… which proves I’ve adapted perfectly.

On criticism

After the Champions League final, it hurt to hear people saying that the football we played had no merit.

Every way of playing has merit.

If you tell me Chelsea’s football is not as good to watch as Barcelona’s, I can understand. I can also accept that we weren’t the most talented, either.

However, we were the most competitive.

So, whether people like it or not, we did not steal the Champions League.

I don’t understand why people want to constantly under-estimate what we achieved last season.

Knocking out Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona is anything but simple — but we showed that it’s possible.

It was the same after the return match against Napoli. We played phenomenal football that night but I didn’t hear anyone saying that we’d even played well.

People have the wrong image of Chelsea. They think we’re a defensive team, which isn’t the case.

I like Barcelona’s style but in football there is no rule stipulating that the team which has the most possession has to win.

It’s not just Barcelona’s football which is valid and spectacular. I can honestly say that the pleasure I get from playing is the same with Chelsea as it is with Spain.

On himself

I can play down either flank, in midfield or behind the striker.

I like touching the ball and setting up goals — that’s my job.

But I also like putting the ball in the back of the net because that’s the most beautiful thing that a player can do in football.

A defender will always tell you that he really enjoys making a tackle. But he would always rather score.

Everyone wants to score goals. That’s the finality of football and the rarest thing you can do on the pitch.

On Cole

I’ve never seen Ashley draw a gun on anyone!

And for the time being I still have both of my legs, so everything is OK.

The day I see someone with blood spurting out I’ll let you know. But for now, it’s fine!

Juan Mata is a key part of our Chelsea squad, and is going to be central to our plans for years to come. Mata has shown tremendous amounts of ability so far and he still seems to be getting better. There is no limit on what the Spaniard can achieve.

  1. Senchibi says

    A team that has an interelationship with themselves need not a microscope to see. Just notice how he says things about his teamates without fear or trembling that they will missunderstand him. I love the love in chelsea.

  2. matthew says

    mata is a great lad and hopefully future chelsea legend

  3. George Okeke says

    Juan Mata is my man any day any time.One of my dreams is to shake his hand and take picture with him.

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