Frank Lampard not worried about Man United's spending

Chelsea captain Frank Lampard has told the media that his club are not worried about the massive sums United are investing in their squad this summer.

Manchester United have signed David de Gea, Phil Jones and Ashley Young for more than £50 million while Chelsea have only added 19-year-old Belgian goalkeeper Thibault Courtois to their ranks.

Chelsea had targeted Luka Modric, Scott Parker, and Romelu Lukaku but have failed to secure any of those players.

The Guardian quoted Lampard as saying: “They have been very active and spent fortunes on good quality players but we know we have a very good squad. But the manager wants us to come here to the Far East so he can evaluate what he’s got. We are going to be very strong next season and, however much Manchester United spend, we still believe in ourselves.”

Manager Villas-Boas said that new signings weren’t crucial. He said: “We do not have the same sense of urgency that you are trying to put on me. It is a big 15 days and then we will go to the market and do some proper business. The market has plenty to offer but we have to decide on our needs. The players here with us are top quality. By the time we go to the market we will know exactly what we need.”

The Chelsea squad arrived in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday for some friendly games to promote the club in Asia.

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  1. gary lunger says

    What worries me is that Lampard is thinking this way . What makes him think that a squad that is a year older now is going to do any better than last year i can tell you now THEY WONT.
    If Lampard is thinking that by not buying anyone it gives him an automatic shirt then he is no a team player he himself has been great for the club but i am afraid from his performance of last year HAS BEEN comes to mind , Chelsea need to inject youth into the squad and get rid of the older players while they still can.

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