Ramires defends Chelsea from Brazilian criticism

Chelsea have been getting some stick from various places for their tactics during the Champion’s league campaign. The latest has come from Brazil but Chelsea’s dynamic Brazilian midfielder has been quick to defend the Blues, Having set up a goal for Drogba in the first leg against Barcelona, and scored Chelsea’s goal of the season in the second leg, Ramires was not going to let people denigrate Chelsea’s achievements.

The coach of Brazilian side Corinthians was criticized for playing a well organized and defensive two games against Santos that got his team to the final. He responded by saying “Corinthians don’t play like Chelsea, Corinthians don’t do anti-football.”

Ramires told Radio Estadao “This anti-football is not Chelsea’s style, we only played that way in those games against Barcelona.” He went on to tell them that Chelsea had played expansively against plenty of other teams last season but that Roberto Di Matteo had watched lots of Barcelona games and decided that Chelsea’s approach was the only way to beat them. It is known as TACTICS.

Do people really expect you to play against every team the same way? Would you not, then, be called naive and one-dimensional? We all love to see flowing football, but we also love to win.

Ramires also reminded Chelsea’s critics that Jose Mourinho sets up his Real Madrid side in a similar way against Barcelona. He and his team are being hailed as one of the best in the world ever after winning the Spanish league and the domestic cup. Even they know that Barcelona will pass them off the park if allowed.

Brazilian World cup winner Tostao said “They are organized and efficient. They are short on talent.”

Ramires replied “If we always win playing that way, I’ll choose to win.”

Me too Ramires. Come on you Blues!

  1. Chinedu says

    If playing defensively will be fetching us (chelsea) truphies ,then so shall we play. All our critics are our envies no doubt,play ur own tatics and leave us alon we were not the first that played or playing that way but even if we were,we like it that way. Thanks to u warrior midfielder (Remires).

  2. kayode says

    Well said. Intelligent response. But we should start bringing in players that will make us win and win well. Nobody enjoys pure defensive football even though we crave for important trophies. Malouda, Ferreira, Bosingwa, Kalou, Essien, Hilario should all free space and cash for us to bring in better talents to enable us win with flair. We have seven trophies to compete for this season and we need good players.

  3. Afolabi segun says

    Develop ur own stile 2 u critics,bunch of fools.

  4. kayode says

    But if I have my way, I will sell Torres, pick up the 30m from Juve and get a better, hungrier, more aggressive striker than put my fate in Torres. Nobody can refute that he played a major part in the sacking of Ancelotti and AVB. Di Matteo

  5. kayode says

    Di Matteo succeeded because he benched Torres and favoured Drogba even though Torres didnt like it

  6. Richard akintunde says

    People keep sayn chelsea is playn pack the bus style but after barca & rlmadrid chelsea is the 3rd highest scoring side in d chmplg scoring 25 goals last season

  7. me says

    i do not want next season to be here discussing ‘is torres back at his best?’;

    i simply do not care, he may be back for juve next season who cares;
    at his best liverpool only finished 2nd, and they won nothing; there is a limit what a single player can do;
    but i think he affects chelsea negatively right now!!
    just let him go, and if you can get smth back for him like £25/30 mil, do not look back!!!
    we need a reliable source of goals, or we will finish again outside top 4;
    another collateral thing, i would also sell sturridge on the reason he wants to play central/lone striker what we know he is not up there with the likes of drogba, van persie, david villa, etc, etc, and as a right winger where he is / was decent (but not more than that), he does not pass to players in better positions (well documented this).

  8. faniyi wale says

    Jose mourinho once said ”bacelona are the best in what they do,if you play the way they do against them you will lose”.Some people love to see and will always be happy if Chelsea remain as an under achieve club.Football is not all about playing,it’s also about defending.In attack bacar is wonderful and in defence Chelsea are mervelous.I’ll never agree that chelsea only defeneded on that match,can anybody tell me how and which position did Lampard play the pass to Remires?is it from the back or from chelsea box?

  9. Bami sagamu says

    I don t know y anybody should put up Torres’ issue unnecessarily, he had eleven goals n several asists last season though wasn’t played regularly n has got 2 goals in d ungoing Euro, i suggest u discus real issues.

  10. Mario mohawk says

    I wonder y people are enemy of progress! Even if corinthians played that way,y can’t santos play d same? People should mind their business and leave others alone 2 live their lives d way they like. If that style will be fetching us trophies pls RDM stick 2 it! My cap is off 4 u our warrior Ramires! Blues till i die!

  11. mcnumec says

    Envy is the answer to those critics. Adopt your tactics and let chelsea do thier own tactics. If playing defensively brings in the trophies, let it be. In football i knw passes alone does not win matches, hit the net as you passes the ball.

  12. Mike Ogiasa says

    Should we play like Arsenal and win nothing or play defensive sometimes and be champions? When we where faced with elimination in the games against Barca (even with 10 men ) did we not attack until we scored Ramires goal? Against Bayarn, did we not attack after they scored? Why should we play stupidly when we know that we lack the ability to equal the attacking power of the opposing team? When Napoli came with a superior goals advantage, did we not play wide and scored 4 goals? So what are these envious coaches from Brazil talking about? Well done RDM, Ramires, Luiz, Mikel, etc. However Roman has an opportunity now to up our squard to a Chelsea standard so as not to find us in a helpless situation next season.

  13. David says

    I like any one who seats and decides which style to play depending on your opposition.And I totally disagree on what people say untifootball.Do chelsea use hands?have you ever seen a team getting a passing ball trophy? sorry to ask so but Blues gives what fans want not what other team’s fans want.

  14. Jaqueline says

    I’m from Brazil and I’m a Chelsea fan since 2005. Chelsea has lots of fans here and Corinthians can win “Libertadores” and then play against Chelsea in Japan. Then “Tite” the coach who said: Corinthians don’t play like Chelsea, Corinthians don’t do anti-football” will see how Chelsea really plays.

  15. UU BRAVO says

    Wen chelsea played wel bt loss they said we (chelsea) ve aged strikers now we re champion n they claim we do nt deserve it. Who cares abt thier opinion we wil continue to win just b ready to criticize. RDM Just get us some good players n the sky wil be our limit. Blues 4 life

  16. Kebba BM Ceesay says

    if you read Chelsea match against Barcelona in the seme final well you will understand that when Barcelona scores their first goal in the second leg and score again you see how everything change, Chelsea also attack Barcelona and force Barcelona to defend, so you see if you are in a a game and you favorite why should you attack, i think you should defend and wait for an opportunity to come and win, that’s better than fans in Brazil say they play very good but they lost to Barcelona that type of commendation will give nothing to Chelsea we don,t even need such

  17. tom sun says

    to dose that critize, dey should learn football is a game tatics.depending is part of the game tatics.as lng as the chelsea player use their leg nt their hands.corithan coach is just a fool.

  18. Tunwagun Gideon says

    I really love the way RDM did to play the most favourate Barcelona just keep it off people are beside you. Blues till i die.

  19. GreatL says

    Chelsea all the way, shame the critics and ride on to success. Just get us performing striker(s); loan out T. for a season. Maybe his luck is not in Chelsea. If u recall, he had started struggling before joining Chelsea but was considered by the big boss because of those two goals against us. A big club like Chelsea needs at least two happening strikers like ManU and with that no other club will see our backline. The other clubs are playing down on this and playing politics on us because they want us to fail.
    Up blues!!!

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