SportsCorp China – We will make Liverpool one of the biggest clubs in the world – again!

The spokesman for the Chinese corporation that is close to taking over Liverpool Football Club has promised that they will wipe out Liverpool’s debt, and give them the ransfer funds to make them one of the biggest clubs in the world again.

Marc Ganis, a partner in Sportscorp China Ltd said today: “The key question is, what would we get from an investment in Liverpool? The answer is long-term growth, while we position the club with the biggest in global football,” he said.

“Major investment could lead to impressive returns, but only if it is properly capitalised, which means not having too much debt and having sufficient equity to allow growth.

“In order for a very visible sports club to operate properly, it needs to be properly funded from the start – which didn’t happen under the current ownership.

“We are planning to remove all current debt, and to invest some equity in the build of the new stadium and in making the team competitive.

“China is seen as the holy grail of commercial activity for sports clubs, and we already have the infrastructure in place with other businesses to exploit that. With the chance to make billions of fans uniquely tied to Liverpool Football Club, it would make them one of the biggest clubs in the world.”

Considering that Liverpool are already some £237m in debt, this means that they are prepared to input some serious investment in the club. The next few seasons in the Premiership could become very, very interesting….

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