Sunderland v Arsenal extended highlights – Bent rescues a point for Black Cats

It was a very strange day at the Stadium of Light yesterday as Arsenal failed to take advantage of Chelsea not playing and dropped two points against Sunderland.

A win would have put them one point ahead before Chelsea’s game against Blackpool, but despite taking the lead (to a freak goal) in the first half, they hung on desperately until the very last kick of the game, when Bent scored a memorable equaliser.

Arsenal have many reasons to believe they should have won, notably the harsh sending off of Alex Song to the missed penalty by Thomas Rosicky, not mentioning that Bents goal came in the 95th minute!

To add to their misery, Fabregas was taken off with a hamstring problem…..

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  1. Gary says

    It was 94 minutes and 11 seconds when the ball crossed the line, hardly an obscene amount over the allotted MINIMUM amount.

    Once again another incident blown out of proportion by dirty biased southern media twats.

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