Torres – I Feel Like I Didn’t Win A Trophy Last Year

Chelsea’s striker Fernando Torres doesn’t seem to be too happy after he managed to win the FA Cup and the Champions League last year with Chelsea, and declared that he didn’t feel a part of the cup wins.

Torres seems to have bounced back into form after a very good European championship, and after a very good debut for Chelsea in the Community Shield, so let’s hope there’s more of the same to come from him.

‘The season was not for me, it was for others,’ Torres told The Sun.

‘Chelsea wins the FA Cup but I don’t play the semi-final nor the final. I didn’t taste anything.

‘I feel I participated a bit more in the Champions League but even so it was not the Champions League I wanted to win, not like that. I want to win another Champions League and in a different way.’

‘The fans helped me a lot – and you don’t understand why,’ he added.

‘You come from outside and you have played well in this league and, with the Spanish mentality, the first who should have turned against you are the fans. You are not living up to expectations but they still support you. These people are special.

‘At times I was thinking, “I will sit here on the bench, I won’t make any noise, I don’t even want to play.” But they are demanding that you jump on the pitch and play. They lifted my spirits so many times. Not even my team-mates succeeded in doing that in this way. Whatever I do from now on will be for the fans.

‘That is why I want to win another Champions League. For them.’

Torres’ season promises to be a very good one, and after the club paid so much to bring him over it had better be as well. Do you think that now after adding a few good transfers to the squad Chelsea can compete for the Champions League again?

  1. Zuto says

    Ofcourse they can compete and may even win it again

  2. Damydiva says

    Wot a nice one 4rm u,we all love u!!!

  3. ibecris says

    We can do it again……Torres we love you

  4. Zuto says

    Torres you are my number one striker and I will always stand by you no matter the weather

  5. Zuto says

    Torres you are my number one striker and I will always stand by you no matter the weather. Your fan for life

  6. Ayodele says

    Yes you are a good striker…but whatever happen man in this world is a destiny..carryon all chelseafc support you

  7. Oloyede says

    All Nigerian loves you, infact gbogbo Eleye wa leyin. Blue 4 life

  8. Jonah says

    Torres you are burn to score goals, but there is one more thing i want you to add to your game. You need to be hard or Physical in your game and alwaya short the ball from any angle. We are expecting 25 goals upward, anything less is total failure.Good luck.

  9. Tova Rex says

    Ofcourse we can compete and even retain the trophy. Torres, I love the young spirit in you, I mean your hunger to make difference is still very young in you. Carry on El Nino, you have my support. Fire on.

  10. Emmanuelson says

    Torres, as far as i am concern you are d best striker in d world. These season is gonna be a tremendous one for you.

  11. mrchef says

    well……torres u can still do the big part in chelsea to win alots of champion league different from other cup.ok

  12. Clifford says

    Fernando man I love u.U r my number one.Pls all I ask is dat u make me proud so dat I can brag of u.I love u nd God bless u dis season.

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