Messi – I want to face Rooney in the World Cup Final!

The World Player of the Year Lionel Messi believes that England have a very good chance of reaching the later stages of the World Cup, and believes that the Man Utd striker Wayne Rooney could be the key to their chances.

The Barcelona striker said: “England are always a tough team to play against because they have a lot of spirit and they fight to the end.

“I know Capello is a great coach and has changed things a lot for England – they are a much better team now he is in charge, and I know they will do well.

“But on the pitch, Rooney is the key. I like him – he is a great player, very strong, with a lot of energy. He works hard for the team, holds the ball up well and he is a formidable striker.

“If he steers clear of injury, England will have a good chance of doing well. It would be great to play up against Rooney, although I don’t think I would see too much of him because we play mostly at opposite ends of the pitch.

“For me, England have a good balance. They look very dangerous when Crouch plays with Rooney up front. I like Gerrard and Lampard, too, but Rooney will be the key. It would be good to play against him in South Africa – preferably in the final, if that is possible.”

I hope you are right Lionel, it certainly would be great to see England in the Final, although i’m not sure that Argentina will make it!…

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  1. shahzad yaqoob says

    C. Ronaldo or L. Messi; who is a better player? Read the article below to have a brief analysis and comparison on these two players and then decide who is better!

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